Residential Mortgage

Buying a home does not have to be a stressful experience. If the consumers are properly educated about the options available to them and which mortgage products will suit them the best, they will make good informed decisions. Being in the mortgage business for long time we guide our home buying clients through the entire process, their expectations are given a realistic picture and their largest single purchase is handles with utmost care and competency.

Getting a home mortgage is much more than getting the best rate and the conditions of the mortgage , selection of best lenders suited for them play a big role in the decision making and have to be given due consideration. At Xpert credit solutions, it all starts with a no obligation meeting with our mortgage professional, who will be able to quickly find a mortgage solution that best suits your current situation. With an access to multiple lenders they are then able to get the best possible rates based on income and credit worthiness of their clients.

Mortgage Pre-approvals

If the clients qualify, our mortgage professionals can get a pre-approved mortgage which guarantees a rate for a specific time period. This pre-approval helps the clients go on house hunting with a price range in mind, knowing in advance what payments are going to work out  for them.

How we help ?

At Xpert Credit Control Solutions Inc. we are here to tell you that use our experience and expertise to take the stress out of your mortgage requirements. We offer best in class services for our clients, even if :

  • Self employed
  • New immigrants are welcome
  • Are looking for mortgages with higher loan to value or longer amortizations
  • Have a bruised or less credit score
  • Have been refused mortgages from banks
  • Require quick solutions and answers

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