Construction Loan

What is it?

We help clients in acquiring a short term loan used for the purposes of building a home. These loans are customized for your requirements considering you maybe paying a rental while the new home is being built.  The construction loan can be used for buying the land or build a home on land that you currently own, we also work with lenders who will provide construction loans for renovating existing structures.

How does it work ?

Construction loans are normally for less than a year and since these loans are often provided at a higher interest than regular home purchase loans, the construction loan is repaid once the construction is complete with a more regular financial product like Refinancing ( on approved appraisals and home inspections ).

We can help our clients with a fixed interest only payments during the initial phase of construction which helps manage the cash flow better for them.

How do we help?

At Xpert Credit Control Solutions Inc., we do all that is possible to make sure our clients get the right funding for their projects whether they are looking to build a custom home or are looking funds for a major land development project. Construction loans are different from regular mortgage loans and require considerable competence in executing them successfully, we discuss all possible solutions with the clients and then in consultation develop the best plan for their requirements.

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