Xpert Credit has been helping Canadians for over 17 years with providing mortgage services as well as debt relief. We believe in strong solutions that benefit our clients for a successful financial management leading to a bright financial future.

Signing up with Xpert Credit ensures that you’ll be right back on track with your finances and a guarantee to repair, rebuilt and restore your credit.

Our debt relief services include special strategies such as debt consolidation, debt refinance and filing proposal and bankruptcy. Helping people deal with immediate debt problems is only part of our commitment to helping Canadians. We also equip people with the skills they need to manage their finances intelligently over time.

Why Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

According to a survey by the Mortgage Professionals Association of Canada, 39% of first time home buyers have a poor understanding of what brokers do and their role in the mortgage process. There are many benefits of using professional mortgage services and here’s why:

  • Lower Rates : Brokers have access to multiple lenders who offer a variety of rates allowing them to choose for you the lowest offering.
  • Customization : Everyone has unique needs and a mortgage agent can tailor a mortgage solution to your specific financial requirements as well as providing the lowest rates. Someone who is self employed would have different mortgage requirements than someone who has a job, or is new to the country, or even someone with bad credit. Having understood a person’s requirements thoroughly will allow the mortgage agent to come up with solutions that are suitable for their circumstances.
  • Mortgage Agents Don’t Cost : Mortgage agents work on commission and get paid their share by the lenders who grant the mortgage.

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